The Tools We Use

On this page we collected some of our internal software that may be of use to the wider research community, open-source tools we use, and a collection of tools developed at Michigan primarily by Professor Parsons to support student ship design projects (the NA 470/NA 475 toolset as Alumni refer to them). Most research software is provided under a permissive BSD-style license and it, and the NA 470/475 tools are provided on a strictly as-is basis, with no warranty or suggestion of any fitness for purpose. These are educational tools and are not developed, verified, or validated for use in real-world engineering projects.


A collection of MS-Windows applications and Excel spreadsheets used at Michigan to support undergraduate naval architecture education.  Includes regression equations (Holtrop and Menon, Fung, Compton etc) for resistance, B-series propeller data, weigh estimation, seakeeping, initial hullform and sectional area curve routines etc.  This resources is provided as a reference to educators, students, alumni and interested parties.  These tools are not verified, validated, or intended to be used in real-world engineering design problems.

download 470 toolset