Our Research

The Marine Structures Design Lab conducts research in the marine design domain, with an emphasis on structural response and stochastic methods. The group members have performed research for many different organizations, including several multi-year Office of Naval Research funded efforts, two Ship Structure Committee projects as well as work for NAVSEA. Our current research is focused in three main areas:

  • Lightweight Structures
  • Lifecycle Structural Support
  • Advanced Design Optimization

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As modular weapon systems allow cost-effective upgrades of a vessel’s war-fighting capability, the degradation of the difficult-to-upgrade structure of the vessel may soon become one of the key drivers of vessel retirement and lifecycle maintenance costing. Our research team is exploring a variety of advance lifecycle prediction techniques to better support naval architects during design and through-life support of vessel structures. This includes probabilistic lifecycle models, the use of advanced updatable risk and cost predictions based on directed acyclic graph techniques including Bayesian networks, and research into structural reliability theory.