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On this page, you can find links to our internal MSDL report publications, as well as abstracts and bibliographic information for publications in peer-reviewed journal articles and conferences. Older publications by Dr. Collette before he founded the MSDL are also included. Where allowed by copyright, full text downloaded or pre-prints of articles are also provided. Papers where source code and data is provided for provenance will have a link below the abstract to access the code or data. Zotero metadata is also provided for the publications. 


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Mark Groden, Matt Collette, Fusing fleet in-service measurements using Bayesian networks, Marine Structures, Volume 54, July 2017, Pages 38-49, ISSN 0951-8339,


Correctly estimating future failures in aging ship structures is a significant challenge. This manuscript explores a model updating approach based on fusing different visually observable physical records of structural degradation: permanent set of plating and fatigue crack initiation. A probabilistic S-N fatigue model is coupled to a permanent set model via a Bayesian network. Observations of permanent set and fatigue cracks are entered as evidence into this network. Through Bayesian inference, the network updates underlying loading and fatigue capacity models. These updated models are then used to forecast future failures. The proposed model is tested against Monte Carlo simulated service history data on five vessels from a larger fleet. The fusion of permanent set and fatigue together produces a more accurate estimate of future failures than using either failure mode alone. The benefit of fusing multiple visually observable measurements to update underlying structural models to provide fleet-wide prognosis appears promising, with further improvements possible with additional refinement.

Collette, M. and R. Sielski. 2017. “Fluid Structure Interaction: A Community View.” MSDL Report 2016-003.


Conducting fluid-structure interaction (FSI) experiments and simulations is a critical naval engineering capability for the U.S. Navy. However, past workshops on FSI problems have revealed that the FSI community is split into different technical groups. Furthermore, the user communities — practicing engineers and platform teams — are also separate. In July 2016, a cross-community working group of almost 60 people was convened at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. This working group explored current and anticipated use cases for FSI simulation. Research challenges were also discussed. From this cross-community discussion, it was also possible to start to develop a common taxonomy of FSI problems and modeling approaches. This report documents the state of practice revealed by this working group.

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